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The company Trüller has a long tradition. In1896 the manufacturer Harry Trüller founded a factory in Celle for the production of biscuits, wafers and rusk.

The first registration in the register of commerce was in 1907 under the name of "Harry Trüller". Short time later the company had already a great reputation.

In 1964, Harry Trüller GmbH was taken over by Nabisco, USA. Since 1977, Trüller is part of Intersnack Knabber-Gebäck GmbH & Co. KG in Cologne.

In 2013 Intersnack Knabber-Gebäck GmbH has taken over the company SnackPartners with its brand "Pauly". After that, the brand switch from "Trüller" to "Pauly" took place. With this brand switch, the snack assortment has enlarged in the range of baked products.

Nowadays Pauly is the competent supplier for salted and baked snacks of trade marks and serves most of the wellknown companies in Europe.

Picture: Biscuit box about 1900
Biscuit box about 1900