Picture: collage of products


We follow our care and quality for the production of snacks consequently up to the packaging.

Baked products are filled into blisters with several chambers. The chambers are sealed separately. The blister packaging offers a great variety of snacks and freshness up to the last product.

Stacked crisps are filled in relockable round tins of high quality. The products are well protected and remain fresh for a long time – best snacks for on the road and in the free time.

All other products are packed in bags made of high quality and metal-coated compound foil. While sealing the packagings, a small insulating air cushion is formed to protect the tender crispy snacks from damages during transport. Our costly formed packagings can be recycled and offer a great variety and even more fun to snack on.

The catalogue shows an extract from our vast range of products and packagings, but of course we can develop and make up products and packagings according to your wishes and instructions.

We will manage to bake anything you like.